Open Letter to the Scientists of the World

Plight of Sincere Scientist

Brothers and Sisters, the first priority of scientists is to create lasting goodness for the people. There was a brief window open in the ascendance of Capitalism when this was possible. But for the most part, creating good things for the people especially under the Capitalists has become difficult or impossible. Big business owners hire scientists to run profitable businesses that keep on selling products. If scientists come up with something that does away with this profitable business they become a threat and lose their jobs. Furthermore, Big Business uses its large organizations and government to enforce its class domination; it can easily squelsh scientists who want progress. But this is no big secret to sincere scientists.

Scientists Must Work with the "Good Shepherds"

The answer to this is that sincere scientists must go to the people for what they need. More specifically, they must go to the leaders of the people. The leaders of the people are those who bring lasting goodnes, who speak the truth, who help the people achieve a higher quality of life. Capitalists with the domination of the media can quickly reach millions of people, but they cannot bring lasting goodness to the millions, or speak the word of God, or bring the community together in love. In capitalist countries, scientists must align themselves with the forces struggling for Socialism, a higher system of organization in which the worker has greater control over the production and distribution of all goods and services produced--i.e. democracy in the workplace. In Socialist countries, scientists should align themselves with the forces struggling for Advanced Communism; they must go to the vanguard of the communalist class.

Overview of People's Struggle for Progress

We came into existence because of cooperation and sharing which brought us together in the long period of time when we were hunters and gatherers in the land of our ancestors, Africa. This was Primitive Communism. During this period we developed clans and brought forth elders to guide us. Out of clans came a class of wisepersons who became the ruling class of chiefs in the era of tribalism. Tribal men and women in their struggle with the chiefs produced a new class, the patriarchs. The patriarchs eventually became the rulers in Slave society. Slaves struggled with slaveholders till slaves themselves produced a class of property owners who displaced slaveholders and established the Feudalist system. The Feudalist System is the unity and struggle of the peasants and nobility. Peasants struggled with nobility till they themselves produced a class of craftsmen and merchants who eventually became the rulers of Capitalist society, the bourgeoisie. Capitalism is the unity and struggle of proletarians and the bourgeoisie. Out of the struggle between Proletarians and Capitalists come the leaders of the Socialist Revolution, the Communist Party, who eventually become the rulers of Socialist society, the bureaucrats. Socialist society is the unity and struggle of the communalists and bureaucrats. This struggle produces the leaders of the Communist Revolution, who eventually become the rulers of Advanced Communism in which the state gradually withers away.

Standing on the Shoulders of Workers

Each era produces a higher level of organization and progress. Technological advances such as husbandry and cultivation of the soil make possible a higher level of development for those in the era of Tribalism. Chiefs are replaced by patriarchs who eventually become rulers in the period of slavery where slaves mind the crops and animals and the ruling classes are allowed greater leisure. The proper perspective for all this is that workers enable progress by letting others stand on their shoulders. The people allow ruling classes a greater amount of leisure to pursue arts and sciences and direct the activities of society in the way of progress. This is the message of Jesus' parable of The Three Servants. While away on a trip a man entrusted sums of money to his servants. Two of them wisely invested their money and had profits to report when the master returned. The third servant was afraid he might lose the money entrusted to him so he buried it. The master said to this one:

"You wicked and lazy servant...To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who are unfaithful, even what little they have will be taken away. Now throw this useless servant into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth" (see Matthew 25:14-30, New Living Translation, NLT).
This message was meant for ruling classes who stand on the shoulders of workers; workers expect this class to make wise use of the time and resources, which workers make possible, so that society progresses. When these ruling classes become "wicked and lazy" the people produce leaders/revolutionaries (their vanguard) who engineer the revolution to a new society/higher quality of life for the people where there is a greater sharing in the goods and services produced by society. The engine for this process is the unity and struggle of opposites (classes)--the law of the opposites is of the essence of Creation Universe; it is how Father God operates among us to create good things for the people.

Levels of Development

Each era or stage of development produces its own opposites which struggle and bring forth a new revolutionary class which champions the next level of development. The era of capitalism produced the communist party, the vanguard of of the proletariat which accomplished the socialist revolution. The Communists, who come out of the proletariat in the Capitalist era become the rulers in the Socialist era. In this era, when time is ripe for the next step of progress, when its rulers become "wicked and lazy" bureaucrats, the people produce a new class to lead them into the next stage of development.

Era of Socialism and Beyond

Each stage is a unity and struggle of opposites. It is a unity because one takes from the opposite what it needs. It is a struggle because one replaces the other in the course of revolutionary change to higher quality of life. The stage of development dawning now is the stage or era of Socialism, the unity and struggle of Communalists and Bureaucrats. As the bourgeoisie took refuge in the Feudalist system, we can expect the Bureaucrats to take refuge in the Capitalist system to escape the leaders of the Communist Revolution. We must expect them to compromise, to weary in the struggle; they cannot and will not make the communist revolution. We, the vanguard of the communalist class, must remain strong, encourage them and lead them safely through the global consolidation of Socialism and into the New World of Advanced Communism. Proletarians, the workers of the world, will be our allies as the peasants were the allies of the proletarians in the foundation of Socialism. Those who join ranks with us must be willing to leave SELF behind and take with them only the good things of Socialism on the road to establishing a higher quality of life, Advanced Communism.

Vanguard of the Communalist Class

We are the vanguard of the Communalist class. With one foot on earth and one foot in eternity, we return to work with the people showing them the pathway to reunion with God the trinity of Creative Universe, Nature, and Community. The goodness of our grandmothers and grandfathers incarnates in us; we sum up this history now to bring the change from a quantity of many years of struggle to a new quality of life. In that sense, we are the resurrection of the dead. We sum up the steps taken by our faithful ancestors up to the present. They have waited patiently and now the floodgates of Spirit open to bring everlasting life to all God's children, when the Family of God is finally reunited again in the era of Advanced Communism. With Spirit God Love, we create everlasting goodness for the people and with the light of truth we lead the people along the narrow pathway of justice.


Scientists, you who look for a place of refuge in Capitalist as well as Socialist countries, a place where you can get what you need to create good things for the people, where you can theorize, experiment, test till you achieve higher quality, where you can participate in community life, come to us. We the vanguard of the communalist class extend you refuge.