Pakistan (27 April 2009)

Skirmishes in Lower Dir came as Washington made clear last week that it would attack Taliban forces in their Swat valley stronghold unless the Pakistan government stopped the militants' advance towards Islamabad.


Clearly Pakistan is not here dealing with a people's republic, a state run by the majority of its people but with a capitalist state (the USA) which gives "help" or money so that it (Pakistan) will buy its weapons and ensure that the majority of the people never get the upperhand in Pakistan. The people of the USA and Pakistan never see the billions of dollars that come into Pakistan from the US; it goes into the pockets of US weapon manufacturers and Pakistani puppets and traitors. You can tell that Pakistan is not dealing with a socialist state because the money coming to Pakistan comes with obligations, threats. Bush and now Obama are getting their Pakistani puppets and traitors to do their bidding; there is no mutally beneficial trade, no mutual coexistence.