Part of the Whole (10 February 2009)

Relax and let there be no strain. If you can do this, you can accomplish miracles of production. Those who strain individually quickly wear themselves out and "fall by the wayside."

Eternal life is exactly that, namely eternal. It is eternal because it is part of the story. Become part of the treasured story, a part that everyone wishes to remember, to cherish. That which is regretable or horrid is buried.

Relax and be guided on tour. First note that this solar system is part of you as you are part of it. Each planet is part of you as the universe is part of you; all is interconnected. You are eternal because you are a part of it all. When you cease to be part, then you die. To be a part you must know your function and perform accordinly. You ask how you know what your part is. The part doesn't rebel against its function but is reliable. It holds up, endures. The part is like a lamp placed so that it gives light to the whole room as Jesus said.

Do you wish to be cured. If so, then let yourself be part of all, and you will receive all that you need.