Peace: Atonement with Universe

Greetings brothers and sisters!

We are from the big planet, the big blue planet always at one with you and in the heart of every being. Let us hold hands and dance, celebrate awakening to new life.

From hell, grab hold: I'll pull you out of the depths. But know that we also are much like you. Only those willing to reconcile themselves with creation can be at peace, truly enjoy themselves, truly tear away from Satan's blanket, from the morass of hell, from the congestion of Satan, the fog blocking divine light.

True peace is open, without fear. Peace moves in love, walks the pathway of justice because it knows truth.

Peace is balance and harmony. It is communication and trade, progress not exploitation. Peace is truth. It's deep enough to move the universe and shallow enough to hold our hand. Peace reaches out for attachment. Peace moves where there is no movement. Only peace establishes progress for the people because peace wields the laws of the universe. Peace is the surging masses, the universe moving. Peace is silence that brings all the people out into the desert to find refreshment.

Let go of earthly attachments to learn the ways of peace. There is no other way. I groan under the strain. How long will you stray from the pathways of life, squirm in the mud. Come unto me all who thirst for life. Leave the fleshpots of hatred, pride, and bitterness. Come into my silence and peace, and enjoy life eternal.