The Peoples Party

Peoples' Party

Pioneers of New World

Peoples' Party welcomes sincere persons willing to begin the work of transforming society, persons who accept the universal family of humankind beyond blood ties and national boundaries, persons who are responsible stewards of the planet. Peoples Party is about expanding creative powers, about speaking the truth, about leading the people out of wage slavery, about pioneering a new culture and a New World.

General Principles

Let all party members live in communes, communities, or cooperatives where each contributes according to their talents and each receives what they need. Let each community establish order in their household, meet regularly, and send delegates to the next higher level of organization. Let development of awareness, knowledge, and community spirit be for all members, especially the children, number one priority.

Place of Refuge

Party communities are places of refuge from the world of moneychangers. Communities establish housing, food, employment, and other cooperatives that facilitate this refuge and begin the gradual shift away from usury-money-based economies to need-based economies. Peoples' Party is a universal organization; no one is considered alien. We struggle to include all who are willing to communicate with us.


Let leaders be chosen for their production, their development, and their love. Let all elected offices of the Peoples' Party be for two people that are compatible, and make for a team, like a well-married couple.


AllLet party choose members to run for office in the bourgeois democratic system and participate in whatever activities of the establishment that offer opportunity of reaching out to the masses. Let there be an official publication of the Peoples'Party.

Conferences and Meetings

Let there be conferences and meetings at all Party levels to establish order and promote the well being of party communities and society.


Let party members promote and organize councils or assemblies of the people in neighborhoods, schools, churches, work places to bring safety, order, and well-being to society.

Peoples Army

Let there be a Peoples Army. Let them provide security for all events. Let them be at the forefront in recruitment to the party and maintaining close contact with the people. Let them provide needed services to the people. Let them handle intelligence and participate in the strategic planning for future development of society.

Voluntary Membership

Membership in the party is voluntary.


Let the people support the party in exchange for public services. Let party members work in collectives in a way that eliminates unnecessary and wasteful production and permits their work hours to be shortened.