Prayer and Other Items 27November2008

Relax and communicate with all. Release all fears. Let fear go absolutely for it only disrupts communication. Remember, you are very important especially since you have time whereas many workers have most of their waking hours flooded with distractions, etc. When you use prayer/meditation/imagination, ask questions if you wish and also "listen" to the voice within, your conscience. Make the best use of prayer or meditation for it constitutes the "fabric," life-blood, of society.

Remember that when you think of anything these "air waves" go out into society and have an effect. Make sure that what you think is constructive and truthful. Also "test the waters;" if you find that your interest impels you then you know you are on the right track.

What about the blank mind vs. the specific mind when it comes to prayer? Here is what you must know about prayer. Prayer facilitates. Say you have a classroom full of students grumbling and each going different ways and making little progress. If a person comes among them that can help each student easily get what they need then this is effective prayer/meditation because prayer/meditation is channeling the energy of nature so that there is consonance, progress, enlightenment, encouragement, etc.

Joseph you ask about carrier waves that move you, or "grinding your own ax," or working on your own (not from the air waves). This can be well but it can lead us into "narrow mindedness." We are bombarded constantly with all sorts of distraction and the better we can choose/pick our way through it all the better. Keep an open, clear mind and you will fare best. A cluttered mind, cowered by fear and dissipated by hatred, makes little progress. Love makes all run smoothly; keep it at the center of whatever you do.