Preaching and Truth

Preaching is temporal; it quickly becomes old and stale; it soothes emotions but does not solve fundamental problems. It leads to stagnation, the mother of all violence and wars. Truth, on the other hand, is everlasting. It illumines the order of the universe and provides a pathway forward for the people for the general well being of all.

Preaching deals with emotions. Truth deals with creative energy.

Truth unites the people in love. It frees them from the slavery of time and gives them everlasting life. Preaching makes individuals of us all and sends us home as slaves.

Preaching flows from vanity, truth from innocence.

Preaching is a demagogue; it attracts crowds. Truth is a prophet. It starts out crude and few dare take up its banner.

Preaching speaks laws in our face; truth speaks love to the heart.