Proposals for Peace and Freedom Party

Research consensus-based, non-hierarchic organizational structure

Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) should assign member(s) to research consensus-based, non-hierarchic organizational forms and submit a report and recommendations to central committee.

Recruitment Policy

Membership in PFP should be based on shared commitment to principles contained in the mission statement and the party platform. Talents and training which recruits bring to PFP should be discovered and recognized. This might be conveniently accomplished by means of a sponsor or “case manager”--some PFP member assigned to help the recruit interface with the organization so they can effectively contribute to PFP life. A set number of hours of volunteering is OK but the type of work involved and recognized should be worked out between the assigned party rep and the recruit. The party rep and the recruit should together formulate a plan of work that would maximize the fullest potential of the recruit and enhance the strength of the party.

Building of an alternative social infrastructure

PFP should immediately assign resources and comrades to facilitate by means of collectives the building of an alternative social infrastructure to provide for the basic needs of the masses here and across the planet. This would include but not be limited to food, clothing, housing, medical, training/education, art/recreation, news/media, etc. Some of these kinds of collectives are already in existence. We should assign comrades to work with these groups in so far as these groups aligned with our mission statement and party platform.

People's vanguard

Electoral politics should not be the primary focus of PFP. We should see ourselves as the vanguard of the masses; anything short of this would leave the party open to cooptation and/or reaction.

Research, planning, and cadre-training center

PFP should immediately establish a center for research, planning, and cadre training. We suggest at least these three areas for study: 1) our struggle against the opposition and the communication and decisions required meet this struggle; 2) natural laws (truth) and sustainable economy; and 3) social structures and manifestation of power/authority in the coming era.

Global focus

PFP should shift its focus from local to global—begin to think and act globally. It should search out organizations around the globe that it can join forces with in coalitions and united fronts. There is no alternative to global unity in our struggle against what is rapidly shifting from imperialism to fascism.

Communist not Socialist leadership

Finally we ask that PFP consider the difference between socialist and socialism. I think PFP would agree that socialism means essentially you get what you produce—under socialism exploitation by capital is eliminated. But it is important to note that the socialist revolution was not accomplished and run by socialists; it was accomplished and run by communists. Communists or better, the vanguard of the masses, produce for society and seek only their needs in return. Although socialism is a necessary step for society, it nevertheless retains getting-for-self. Doctors and engineers and the professional class under socialism, for example, produce much more than street-sweepers and so may accumulate much more wealth than do street sweepers. Communists or those who are in the vanguard, though they may produce much more than the lowest producer, nevertheless take only what they absolutely need. This is the higher development which we must expect from all PFP members. Specifically it requires a shift not only in our thinking but a shift in the way we dispose of our individual resources. We should begin to figure out how we can operate collectively to share property and monies (wages, pensions, government subsidies, savings etc). Although this may sound drastic, we feel that any organization which fails to move in this direction will degenerate into me-too-ism, stagnation, and either cooptation or reaction. The new life that burgeoned in all socialist countries has been collective life. We as political activists must begin to model and introduce this life to the people. The opposition is now looking for collaborators and opportunists, careerists, etc.--anyone they can bribe--to attain global hegemony. Those who who refuse to share--to work collectively--will indeed be lost to the opposition.