There is master and apprentice, king and servant, boss and employee, citizen and representative, and comrades. Which is better? Asking yourself such a question is retrograde. Consciousness achieves a balance, a unity and struggle of opposites. Only thus can you get what is needed. Never go as master or disciple, king or servant, proletarian or capitalist, citizen or representative. Always go as comrade. [This is why only communists can be relied upon to establish abundance.]

By assuming one of the opposites you ruin any chance of communication; both sides immediately recognize this. If you assume "airs" or claim "imperfections," there is no communication. Once I had a handy-person business. Jack Fischel, a close friend, agreed to help me on a job. As soon as I became "boss" our friendship went out the window; I began to think of him as an investment: How much work could I get get out of him? Do not play the part of capitalist or that of worker; make use of both energies in a balanced way to produce what is needed.

Think of capitalist production relations as parameters to guide you so that you remain balanced and do not fall into one or the other opposite, so that you go beyond them to an improvement in quality of life. The same principle holds for socialist production relations where we get back, in goods and services, all that we produce.

Comrade means being a person. It is the proper way to deal with others. It is balanced awareness. It refreshes. It is a person without fear or condescension; it is mutually beneficial communication. It is neither master nor disciple, neither king nor servant, neither boss nor employee, neither citizen nor representative.