Organized Religion's Interference in State Matters (12 July 2009)

Protesters, mainly women, demonstrated in Urumqi over the detention of relatives after the riots.

Two of the leading religious clerics in Iran have spoken out against the recent violence in China where numbers of Muslims in Xinjiang province have been killed.

Presstv: Iran religious leaders condemn Chinese violence, Sun, 12 Jul 2009 14:48:39 GMT

This is yet another example of interference by organized religion into affairs of state: religious interference in matters of the state contradicting laws of nature. The basic purpose of religion is to help humans align with nature. Religion teaches human behavior; it helps develop conscience, an ethical/moral sense. All pass through this developmental period during youth. The state insures that all get this instruction. Any religious interference beyond this is reactionary and leads to the downfall of revolution. This is true not only in Iran but anywhere. Religion has its respected place and should stay there; it should not interfer with state power which is the domain of the majority of the people and their leaders. The implicit collusion of Karoubi and Mousavi with the enemies of the Iranian revolution should be warning enough. Let the people choose whatever names they wish for their state, but the Iranian revolution can only be successful as a socialist revolution run as a people's republic on the basis of scientific communism. Iran, establish your party of the majority of the people, and find the leaders among you who will not betray the revolution.