Religion and the State

Islamic republics do themselves a disfavor when they choose religion and religious leaders to run their countries, to make their political decisions. The purpose of religion is to help mostly children and youth develop a conscience, to help them understand what human behavior is essentially. Religion has little or nothing to do with the state and political power; it does not deal with the basic laws governing human development, knowledge of which is essential if a country wishes to succeed in establishing prosperity for all its citizens. Relying on religious leadership and "religious laws" to run the state will essentially lead to conservatism, reaction, backward policies and the empowerment of the few over the many (i.e. slavery, feudalism, or capitalism,...). Empowerment of the majority of the people requires a working knowledge of scientific communism, a central committee composed of the most dedicated and responsible representatives from all sections of society who understand the laws of nature pertaining to human development, i.e. communists working in labor, education, science, defense, industry, health care, religious training, and whatever else concerns the people. Israel, a neo-fascist government, is quite aware of all this. Zionists do not base their government on religion but on state power. They are not foolish enough to put clerics in charge of their neo-fascist government; they are quite aware of this natural law, but they use it to empower their bourgeois class. Governments that rely on religious clerics to lead them will eventually be betrayed by them. Countries that rely on scientific communism, on their comrade communists, and on the struggling masses of the people will eventually succeed. What exactly is scientific communism?

Scientific communism discovers the laws of nature pertaining to human development as it seeks the well being of the people. It studies history to discover the laws of human development. Communists are those who understand these laws and act responsibly to put them to good use for the benefit of the majority of the people. Study the trail of successful revolutions--those revolutions which increased the quality of life for the majority of their people throughout history--and you will see and understand scientific communism. Along with scientific communism you need a responsible central committee (usually the Communist Party) with the will to apply scientific communism. Also you need to be connected with the masses of the people, commiunicating with them, helping them get what they need, constantly helping them improve their lives.

Religion has its role to play in helping our children understand what it means to be a human being, understanding the natural laws pertaining to human behavior, but it stops there. Do not make the fatal mistake of letting religious leaders take control of the state; it will end in bloodshed, reaction, dead ends, frustrations for the people.