Religious Reaction (10Dec2008)

The Major Contradiction of Religion

The major contradiction of religion is that while the end of religion is to know the truth, it is unable to do anything about it; the task of "doing something about it" belongs to the period of the state. During this period, the people acquire the power to become intelligent/responsible in running society in the interests of all. Jesus Christ faced this contradiction head on.

"The people as a whole are responsible for progress; it's not the result of one person's work. Christ deliberately went ahead and put out knowledge to the people which was directly against the reactionary ruling class of the time. But he did not understand that it requires the majority of a society to change it. He was able to handle and deal with individuals but when it came to society, his spiritual powers were not enough. This was the meaning of his saying, "Father why have you forsaken me." This has been the case with many; they lacked the support of the people."

Handbook of Complete Logic, Chapter 10: People/Majority

"May the deities bless you."

In the Star Trek Voyager episode Live Fast and Prosper (Season 6, Episode 21) religion is used to hoodwink Neelix and Tom. Orphans and widows and the needy in general are not meant to be subjected to our charity; this is degrading for sons and daughters of God/Nature. Rather by means of solidarity--in the age of the state--we figure out a way so that everyone can enjoy a full, happy, and prosperous life. Organized religion is a leftover, a trapping of an evolutionary lesson we should have learned long ago, the lesson of our bond with nature; we no longer get down on our knees to worship God/Nature for we have learned the laws of nature and of human behavior: they are part of maturity. Our task now is to take responsibility/control over our development so that there is peace, prosperity, and well-being for all.