Threads tie you to me. Follow them gently. Look for them everywhere you go and in everyone you see. Wean yourself of the devil, so you can follow these threads unto me and be saved.

Salvation is light that allows you to see where others cannot. Because you have vision, you have responsibility to guide others that cannot see.

Salvation is an irrepressible urge to bring goodness to all. But first be filled with saving grace, before you turn to others. First be tempered steel before you take up leadership.

Salvation is merciful; it always promotes life. It never stifles or kills, but brings love in abundance.

Salvation is eternal life. The opposite of salvation is death. Salvation is progress. Reactionaries who oppose change are spiritually dead; they are not saved. It is natural to move in the direction of the good. Those who stand still are lost. Always move foreward. A television that doesn't work is good only for recycling. We too are recycled when we stop functioning as we were created to function.

Salvation is goodness. Save what is good and discard what is evil. Never fear to be part of the good. Evil dissipates itself.

Salvation is absorption, assumption, into divinity, oneness with divinity. Those who are saved are God's spokespersons; they represent God. Religious leaders of his time attacked Jesus because he spoke with God's authority.

Salvation is living God, not a ticket we take with us when we die to get into heaven. Living God dissipates fear and dispenses infinite love to all.

Salvation is a boat which floats and has a means of propulsion. Salvation floats above the miasma of self and moves along the pathways of justice.

Salvation is absolute. It is knowing which side you're on in a struggle to death. Choose sides and struggle or perish. There is no other way. The culture of Satan dissipates; it recycles us back into the dust from which we came. Let your choice be as simple and absolute as childlike faith, and do not fear whether you be saved or not. Take refuge among the masses; among them you will find me, holding their hands, struggling forward with them.

Salvation always flows outward like the life giving sun. Pour out your lives. Have no fear for we are the essence of all and love keeps us always together.