Sibling Matter

Enjoying weather and my comrades' antics, I am no longer a monkey but self. I drink this pleasure deeply, brothers and sisters, for I know it leads me back to you. We are invited to a great cosmic communion which will be called God, which exists forever and is the breath of Universe. Through it, we will communicate with all and know that all things have life.

We are sibling, free-willed matter. We are self. We come out of infinite chaos of nothingness We are matter's powerful representative. We are opposite of God, Its image that dares defy It. Together with Its love we create all. Love stirs us, and we are in travail till Word becomes flesh.

Word comes out of love struggle. Word is nature, truth, and light of world. Look for it in your struggles. It is pathway forward. Know it by its quality, its simplicity, and its beauty. When Word dies, Spirit brings you into higher communities of pleasure.

Enjoy mild breezes as they pass through your minds, sibling matter. Love stirs anew. Joyful and peaceful days return again ever more beautiful and pleasurable.