Sharing (30 Jan 2009)

Sharing increases mental capacity; when you receive and give back in return then you have access to even more. When you receive but don't give back, then there is congestion. Sharing broadens the mind; makes you part of collective mind. Unless you can let go of an idea--leave it behind--you can never really understand it; your mind remains closed, locked.

Dialectics (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) is essential to learning; without it we stultify. It is a fundamental law, the law of negation of the negation; the first negation is itself in turn negated. When we leave what is established to search for the new, this is the first negation. When we discover this new thing and return to the community/"the establishment" with our idea, invention, etc. to see of what use it can be, this is the second negation. All the greats (Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Marx, Lenin...) after they developed themselves returned to the people to share, discuss, and implement their ideas.