Sickness and the Immoral State

Our Connection with God

Being connected to God or nature is natural; it is not something out of the ordinary or something to worry about. We are directly connected to It by our navels (see Fischel, Handbook of Complete Logic). Do you find yourself worrying about whether your involuntary system is making enough blood, for example. Not usually, because this is done naturally. You are always connected and what comes through this connection depends on your interest and state of development.

You should feel good about what you do. This feeling comes from the conscience; it comes from nature not ourselves. Peace comes to us through this natural connection and no other way.

Thinking in terms of limits always leads us onto the wrong pathway. Openness and interest leads us onto the right pathway. Be like a child, open to all possibilities, and you will find the right pathway.

God and the Environment

Do not try to put God in a box as religionists and masters of the immoral state do. God is omnipresent and can be found in the atom and its particles; the atom and its particles and all else are alive in God.

The earth is becoming sterile. Notice this from the quality of the land's output. Don't be fooled by quantity of output which masters of the immoral state use as a norm. The lands of earth are becoming wastelands and the “food” they yield sterile because they mistreat God who is nature and the land. Masters of the immoral state have no regard for God/nature. Few people take the time to see and greet God/nature in the land. For this reason the land becomes barren and nothing of value grows on it.

The rains around the planet are being affected by our unnatural ways. We are meant to deal with rain and all other things in nature as we deal with our own body-mind-soul oneness. We are absolutely one with nature and nature is one as our body, mind, and soul are one. When this unity breaks down, then there is sickness and disorder. It is a measure of our sickness that we try to master the weather instead of communicating with it. Respect and communicate with all things and you will be at home with nature. Try to dominate nature or master it, and you will find that nature rebels disturbing everything. The recklessness of nature (destructive storms etc.) is a sign of an unnatural attitude towards it.

Our Relationship with God

You ask about God's varying presences, whether God's presence in humans, for example, is of more importance than God's presence in the land. This is thinking about “details” to the detriment of substance, the type of thinking that says in effect: I won't use something unless I know how it works (see Jack Fischel) or unless it is established by the American Medical Association, etc. . . Those who think like this are blind to God's presence. Comparing God's presence in one part to God's presence in another is blindness. This is widespread especially among religionists who have picked God to pieces. All is holy/sacred; all contain God's presence. Spiritual masters know this and respect matter. Those who neglect this eventually poison themselves.

Interest, curiosity, and questioning are important, especially in a progressive environment. These are essential of progress as is childlikeness. Look for these in all you meet, and you will find comrades.

It is unnatural to be afraid that you'll run out of things to write about. Remember where you are and who you are and you'll not be bothered by such things. You are where your mind says you are and no one can disprove this. If your connection to the universe says you are at the center of the galaxy at the nodal point with the rest of the universe, then this is where you are. And know that you are nothing if you are not God Itself; all is God and God is all. This truth is trodden upon especially by the religionists who would put God in a box so they can control It just like they at one point in history put their bibles on chains. If God is omnipresent, then aren't you as well. Aren't we God's children. Know this and live it every day and you will be alive and not one of the walking dead.

What comes next; there seems to be so much to do. How can we sort through all the things that are happening and find our way back to God. Begin inside yourself; put your own home in order before you go outside. Master Jesus pointed this out numerous occasions but still we go about judging others and looking for happiness and pleasure outside of ourselves. Let God come out of you and everything will take care of itself; you will get all you need and have peace .

Take time to enjoy life. Pleasure is divine and the more you have of it the closer you are to God. Study the Inquisition and you will see how far organized religion is from me. Look how religionists align themselves with the immoral state and you will see how far they are from me. Such is the truth.

Struggle against the Immoral State

Do not try to understand the world political situation from the capitalist point of view or through the capitalist media. When you look at the world political scene, always look for progress or improvement in the quality of life. Look for human feelings and care and respect for life. When you do this then you are learning about the world political situation.

We are consumed by our desires for things. The masters of this immoral society bring this sickness upon us. They steal what we produce and thus force us into an unnatural hunger for things (see Fischel). As a result we become sick. Abundance is a natural and a healthy state. The state which comes out of capitalism is unnatural and ends up making us say that we own things; that we own parts of God or nature. This is sickness that leads to catastrophe. The immoral state causes us to think that we will run out of things. Make the universe your teacher (see Fischel); it grows as we do. Abundance is the natural state of things. The immoral state forces us—unnaturally—to count possessions. “Move toward Me and away from limits.” There is nothing more unnatural or sick than trying to possess nature, but in this immoral society we end up teaching this very thing to our children.

In a natural society there is change and growth. This is the law of growth or change. As children grow and change, so does society; both are subject to the same law. As there are definite steps/stages of growth in a child, so there are definite steps or stages of growth for society. As these stages cannot be omitted in a child's growth, so they cannot be omitted in the growth of a society. The immoral state says that society does not change, cannot change. What we need are scientists who study and work with the laws of the development of society. Scientific communism or Marxism-Leninism studies the development of human society. We learn more all the time and discover more laws. Do not let the name of this science deter you from learning about the development of society; the immoral state has invested billions in anti-communist propaganda. The essence is understanding the laws and using them to improve the quality of life for all. At this point in our history we must seek out communists, the genuine scientists of the development of human society. If you wish to find them, look for those most persecuted and libeled by the masters of the immoral state. Don't let labels and brainwashing by the masters of the immoral state fool you or lead you around by the nose.

Don't let emotions like anger or fear make you sick. Emotions are symptoms of sickness. When Jesus became angry at the money changers in the temple, he protested against, rebelled against the sickness that he was a part of. What can be salvaged from this is that this rebelling can be an awakening that something is wrong. When the drunkard ends up injuring another and they find themselves in jail, this can lead to enlightenment, to getting back on the pathway to a principled life. The point is not to get stuck in emotions. Masters of the immoral state use emotions like anger and fear to train their soldiers to kill. They make these soldiers sick and these soldiers bring this sickness back with them. This is what happened during the Korean war, the Vietnam war, in Panama and in Haiti and in Afghanistan. It is what is happening in Iraq at this moment. It is what is happening in the neocolonialist efforts of fascist imperialists around the globe where these masters of the immoral state seek out traitors who would sell out their countries and train them to kill their own people. They are doing this now in Iraq and they have been doing it for many years.

Melcome X said, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” The sickness of fascism comes back to the “homeland;” we are now getting a taste of this sickness. As the Anti-Resist Action spokesperson has observed, fascism means bringing the tools of plunder, genocide, and deceit forged in the colonies back to the homeland. And this is what is now happening in the United States with the Patriot Act and other such measures. No matter how the masters of the immoral state dress it up with “nice” words, it is fascism. As they have practiced genocide and deceit against our Native American brothers and sisters and to other peoples around the globe, so the masters of the immoral state bring the same against the citizens of the United States. This cannot be contradicted.

There is only one solution to the problems of society and that is to study the laws of development and to use them to improve the quality of life for all. Nature doesn't recognize flags and such things. Remain open, hospitable, and just to all peoples. Defend yourself, but don't try to subjugate or enslave others. This is ungodly, unnatural. Look for comrades and begin the work of transforming society. The masters of the immoral state try to make you feel helpless. Take action. Take life into your own hands and with the laws of nature on our side, we will, as Marx has said, change the world.