Violence 4 December 2008

Explosions hit Greek work ministry

Two separate blasts near the Greek ministry of public works and environment have caused minor damages to the ministry's Athens headquarters.§ionid=351020606

Violence becomes a significant factor in capitalist vs. socialist "unity and struggle of opposites." Violence is the outcome of the breakdown of capitalist societies which can no longer satisfy: the needs of the people; their greater consciousness; their growing power. Capitalists get their people into immoral wars and other activities (the contradictions of capitalism) which cause myriads of physical and psychological problems. Only socialism under the guidance of scientific communism--the science of human development--can chart the course forward for human development. Capitalist countries are unable to care for soldiers and civilians that it involves in its immorality. All countries must immediately and categorically 'break with'/'separate from' those which engage in immoral wars and other such activities. Complicity with these governments wether direct or indirect sickens their populations and leads to violence and many other problems. Only scientific communism can help us through these difficult times, times that are rapidly descending into a picture of a world "that starts messy and stays messy," (from a Russ Allbery review of Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower),