Socialist Construction (17 May 2010)

Kim Jong Il, looking at literary and art works created by members of the youth shock brigade, heard a lot of stories about the beautiful traits displayed by young people in the course of the construction of the power station.

Noting that every monumental structure of eternal value in the country is associated with the honored sweat and blood shed by young people in the era of Songun, he stressed that the sacred revolutionary cause of the DPRK started by the forerunners is steadfastly carried forward as a large contingent of youth, most vital militant unit, is playing a main role in the defence of the country and the socialist construction.

(calendar>>May 16. 2010 Juch 99; Kim Jong Il Inspects Construction Sites of Power Station

We are in the era of "socialist construction." Socialism has been tested, established, and is now in a period of construction. From capitalism we also expect socialism to also have its periods of decline, reaction, and finally a period of "withering away." Also we expect that as in all evolutionary development a lesson is learned from development steps and humanity thus acquires a new tool. With capitalism humanity learns to increase production by bringing together human ingenuity and resources, an example being the collaboration between Nicola Tesla and the Westinghouse corporation. China is an example of a socialist state using this principle to increase prouction. China's increased production using this principle supports the world socialist revolution by supplying countries in the socialist camp with items they need thus making it difficult if not impossible for the capitalist nations to bribe, boycott, or interfer in the internal affairs of these developing countries.