Superpowers must not dictate to sovereign and independent states, Belarus President says 03.07.2009 12:54

MINSK, 3 July (BelTA) – There cannot be superpowers in the world that give themselves a right to dictate their will to the sovereign and independent states, Belarusian Head of State Alexander Lukashenko said at the military parade to mark Independence Day and the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from the Nazis.

“Every nation, every country has a right to make a choice in their development. It is a fundamental principle for the international relations. Therefore Belarus, as one of the founders of the United Nations Organisation, aims to the rapprochement between the nations. We are against using force in settling conflicts,” the head of state said.

Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA)

"He held that the only way of weathering the present worldwide financial and economic crisis is to do away with the outdated international economic order and establish a new international economic order whereby the sovereignty and interests of all countries are guaranteed on an equal basis."

DPRK Delegate Calls for New International Financial and Economic Order, Pyongyang, July 5 (KCNA)

Lukashenko's statement is as succinct a a summary of the current socialist revolutionary line as possible. Also, the statement by the DPRK delegate to the UN on June 29 supports this. World public opinion is well aware of and supports mature socialism. Fascist capitalism knows this and is threatened by it. Its response is inevitably: 1) movement toward fascism or world domination by means of violence and 2) neofascism as spewed forth by capitalist lawyers, intellectuals, and politicians. Capitalism by any name brings unemployment, poverty, disease, death, hopelessness for the masses. Fascist capitalism cannot compete with free and sovereign socialist states. Fascist capitalists have faced this contradiction since the establishment of socialism in 1917. Though it is never mentioned, this contradiction informs every one of their dialogs and speeches conferences, military and political strategies, and unless this factor presents in their communications, its very absence is a form of neofascist brainwashing. Obama's speech in Egypt on US-Muslim tensions (Youtube) is a good example. (The complete text this speech can be found at the Huffington Post) President Obama in his speech never once mentions the words "capitalist," "socialist," or much less "fascist" or "neofascist." Instead he uses the indefinite word "extremism" or "extremist" eleven different times often modified by the word "violent" without once defining exactly what he means. Are the North Koreans, the Cubans, the Belarussians, or other socialist states (people's republics) included? Obama's speech illustrates the way a neofascist speaks; they speak gobbledegook, not the truth. His speech is a masterpiece of lawyer doubletalk, a masterpiece of neofascism. He has said absolutely nothing and absolutely everything: namely that the war against socialism will proceed regardless of who stands in the way; that socialism (establishing people's republics) must be rooted out; no people's republic must be allowed sovereignty.