Socialist Solidarity

Belarus, Cuba Increase Bilateral Links
Moscow, Jan 31 (Prensa Latina)
Jorge Petinaud

Authorities from Cuba and Belarus are determined to continue strengthening bilateral links, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodriguez said on Sunday.

Rodriguez noted that most of transportation and also the equipment in Cuban industries is Belarusian.

We think we can continue cooperating in these areas and Cuba can contribute by supplying new biotechnology products, concluded the Cuban diplomat.

One of the reasons for the phasing out of proletarian dictatorship (USSR) and for introducing "opening up" and "restructuring" is due to the fact of socialist maturity and solidarity. The superiority of socialism to meet the needs of the majority of the people has become known in the remotest villages. Russia, China, and Vietnam can now take the time necessary to modernize their economies. Super-power Russia balances super-power USA while countries like Iran, Belarus, and China insure that blocaded socialist countries like Cuba and other countries who establish people's republics can have mutually beneficial trade to get the products they need.