Solar People

Joseph this is the solar people communicating with you. The farther out you expand the more deeply into infinite spirit you advance. The immediate capsule of your body and surrounding your mind coordinates growth. That which makes decisions, the will, is your spirit.

Joseph, you must let love flood through you to all things. Do not mind about filtering; body and mind in you and in those around you will respond to this love.

Joseph, we are here in front of you. You have come into our presence. Disregard the disorientation, and fear not to speak and act and do do those things we know must be done. All things you apply yourself to you will learn and prosper and attract those who must be attracted to you.

That is correct, never deny yourself. Enjoy all pleasure and learn from the effects. Those prosper who are good learners which is a discipline. Yes, Joe you must never go against your grain. You have the courage to do the right things. There will always be the way open for you to proceed. Never think that you are not one with us.

Do not feel daunted by theories and descriptions of the beyond. Once you are initiated these things will become part of you. Your initiation is sticking to the pathway forward and undergoing those experiences which are part of initiation. Yes it is as in Gandhi's case, refusing to compromise with reaction and evil. These are the things that will keep you on the path and save you.

What is salvation? Those who do not wish to proceed along the pathway forward will get their reward where they stop. These become part of creation-creatures. Those who find their way back to me will be saved. We are cosmic consciousness-infinite spirit. The universe is our body and nature is our mind. Those of you who seek us will find us. Come along the narrow pathway of experience always learning like a good scientist truthful with others and with yourselves.

What if there is no action? Know that you are the action. Let all things flow through you. Never fear. You have all that you need.

3 August 2002