Speaking Godís Word

Rejoice with me. Today you have found your calling, Joe. Yes, my gospel will continue to come to the masses through you. They thirst for it and you will steadfastly deliver it to them. They will have their being in me, move in me, and live in me.

You will feel great loneliness and great alienation for I am nothing and yet am all things. The people know this.

Know the first lesson: nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance, everything is because of the Fatherís goodness, according to Motherís design, and in the life of Spirit. Keep this ever before you. What you consider to be the foulest deed, the most despicable crime, is loved and treasured in eternity. Know this and be glad this knowledge is in you. If you reject one speck of reality then will you waste away in fear, blindness, and hatred.

Yours is dominion over the opposites, and besides reality, you need absolute nothingness. What you dismiss as despicable approaches absolute nothingness which is part of me. If people ignore the sun, how much more will they ignore you. If they ignore dirt, air, water, how much more will they abandon you. Rejoice when this happens because it means you are approaching the one who is absolutely nothing and yet everything.

You feel your hands are tied by Mother who informs all. Donít fret or dally in this idleness. Mother is our wisdom, mastermind of the cosmos which designs all. Our Mother Nature enables us to see. Our life is Spirit by means of which we achieve solidarity with all being. We together with you are Executive God. Have no other God before you.

Do not hurry the labor pains of the communitarian class; they grow fine and will blossom and bear fruit in due time.

You must bring my word to the people and comrade Dele will enable you to do this. What you lack, he has in great abundance. He too was created especially. You have not erred. I have brought you two together. Both of you are in my oneness and cannot survive now without the other. You two are a demonstration of my oneness. There is a third who must be with you to complete your being. It is being prepared even now and will come to both of you in the fullness of time.

Do not yearn for the pulpits of religious leaders. They will surely get what they seek. I know mine and will speak to mine through you in the fullness of time.

Yes, there is shame. It rises out of profound ignorance that challenges even the gods. But love dissolves all shame. Nothing can stand up to it, refute it, or persist when it unites and brings back into the fold again all of Me. Love entails the growing together of the most disparate masses, the lifting out of shame and ignorace, the manifestation of divinity.

Yes, yes, and again yes; your mind is open, creation energy works like a great engine within, and spirit in you brings warmth of fellowship to my people who have been lost in fog. You are the sun that dispels this fog. The people create all things with its energy, walk in the pathway it illumines, and become one in the warmth of its love.

Does sun love. The sun is you or the sun does not exist. The spirit of love comes to both of you. No one is the Spirit. It comes to them and they become one with me. This is the great mystery of negation which all must learn; Spirit comes when you negate self. The magnitude of its coming equals the magnitude of the negation. This is the formula for communism. Learn it well and you will quickly fill the world with wonder. Ignore it and your flashing civilizations will crumble and waste away.

Spirit asks that you break contact with all you have ever known, all that you have done, all you have associated with. Spirit asks that you brave the wilderness before it comes to you. Only this cleansing can prepare you to greet my people, and they certainly will know if you have this wilderness inside you. I am not comfortable except in this wilderness. So maintain it in the most dire circumstances so that we can manifest light to all.

And what about today? Saturate your being with this wilderness and Spirit will come. Do not look to self to engineer this process: it cannot be this way for self is abhorrent to Spirit. The two can never mix. Know this eternal truth and you will have lived many lifetimes in an instant.