Causality Loop (5 April 2009)
Star Trek: The Next Generation [TNG] - Cause and Effect Season 5 Episode 18

Perhaps we get into causality loops when we keep making the same mistake (commit sin). Hell is staying in the loop infinitely. Breaking out of hell is learning the lesson or law of nature so escape the loop and progress. Time is what is needed for us to progress (cf. Jack Fischel's Handbook of Complete Logic on this website). Those whose human development exceeds our own are beyond us, are in the future. Those who have not learned certain lessons of nature that we have are in the past relative to us. According to this theory, there are people living with us who may be years behind us and years beyond us depending on how they have developed Only when choose the right action can we break out of the loop and continue life. Hell is being stuck in the loop eternally. Eternal life is for those continually following nature's laws. Those who keep repeating the same errors become trapped (insane) due to mounting pressure and isolation from the community.