Star Trek Voyager Favorites (3 June 2009)

  1. Star Trek: Voyager - Faces Season 1 Episode 14--In this episode B'Elanna Torres' is spit into two persons, one pure Klingon and the other pure human, by Vidiians who hope to use her Klingon body to effect a cure for the phage disease.
  2. Star Trek: Voyager - Non Sequitur Season 2 Episode 5--Harry is shifted into an alternate time line in which he does not go on the Voyager mission. He is assisted in his struggle to get back to the right time line by a disreputable Tom Paris who blew his opportunity to go on the Voyager mission.
  3. Star Trek: Voyager - Dreadnought Season 2 Episode 17 In this episode directed by LeVar Burton, B'Elana Torres (Roxann Dawson) acting as a member of the Maquis, salvages a Cardassian WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction), reprograms it, and sends it back to attack the Cardassians. It reappears now in the Delta quadrant threatening to destroy millions of innocents. Can she outwit the program which she herself created?
  4. Star Trek: Voyager - Life Signs Season 2 Episode 19--Voyager responds to a distress signal from a Vidiian ship and find it to be a woman dying of the phage disease. During the course of treatment, the Doctor becomes romantically involved with the patient.
  5. Star Trek: Voyager - Alter Ego Season 3 Episode 14--Harry falls in love with a holodeck character named Marayna. When he seeks help from Tuvok, Tuvok himself becomes enchanted with her.
  6. Star Trek: Voyager - Sacred Ground Season 3 Episode 7 Kes, on a tour of an alien planet is severly injured by a force located in a sacred place. Janeway volunteers to become an initiate of a sacred order in the hope of saving Kes's life.
  7. Star Trek: Voyager - Scorpion, Parts i & II Season 3 Episode 26 & Season 4 Episode 1
  8. : My sister-in-law, Sandra, once told me that Star Trek was a soap opera for males. Her statement has haunted me ever since. Whether true or not, I guess that if any episode has soap opera characteristics it is this one which introduces Seven of Nine into the Voyager crew.
  9. Star Trek: Voyager - The Omega Directive Season 4 Episode 21
  10. About a powerful molecule too hot to handle, or is it?
  11. Star Trek: Voyager - Timeless Season 5 Episode 6 Harry and Chakotay become fugitives pursued by starfleet as they return in time to correct an error Harry made which led to the destruction of the entire Voyager crew except him and Chakotay.
  12. Star Trek: Voyager - Infinite Regress Season 5 Episode 7Seven, infected by a device planted by aliens to destroy the Borg, is forced to enact different persons from her Borg past. Can the crew find a cure for Seven and fight off the aliens who want back that device which Voyager has taken aboard in the hope of finding a cure for Seven?
  13. Star Trek: Voyager - Bliss Season 5 Episode 14 Warm, human collaboration between Seven, Naomi, and an alien curmudgeon prevail against a monster posing as a wormhole that first brainwashes then devours all that it can lure into its maw.k
  14. Star Trek: Voyager - Juggernaut Season 5 Episode 21Voyager responds to a distress call from a Malon feighter loaded with toxic waste and about to explode. When Chakotay is injured, B'Lana Torres (Roxann Dawson) ends up in charge of the away team and is forced to confront her own emotions and a mythical monster haunting the freighter that threatens the away team.
  15. Star Trek: Voyager - Virtuoso Season 6 Episode 13 Voyager comes upon a damaged Zomarian vessel and the Doctor treats the injured. At first the Zomarians are are turned off by the Doctor's low technology but are then quite impressed by his ability to sing, something they had never been exposed to before. Warm human relationships among Voyager crew members transform this average episode into a special one.
  16. Star Trek: Voyager - Life Line Season 6 Episode 24 The Doctor's program is transmitted 30,000 light years to treat his creator who is dying of an incureable disease.
  17. Star Trek: Voyager - Body and Soul Season 7 Episode 7 On an away mission together, Kim, Seven, and the Doctor are intercepted by alien race who are fighting a war with photonic insurgents. To save the Doctor, Seven downloads his program into herself. The Doctor must balance this new unique, first-time experience of having a human body with the need to escape their captors.