Steps toward the New World

Do not spend your time worrying or being bothered by the state/condition of the environment. Rather take action to change it as Marx has said. This will improve our health and keep us sane. Channel all energies to the solution of problems. Analyze then discover laws that are applicable and then use these to solve problems.

Be completely clear about the evidence for deterioration of this society. This is: 1) the breakdown in interpersonal relations (family life, getting along with our neighbors at home and abroad); 2) the pollution of the planet which threatens irreparable damage; 3) rapid rise in sickness, disease, and ill health threatening not only the human species but all species of life on the planet; 4) the rapid disintegration of all cultures and governances; 5) the overall decrease of pleasure which is perhaps the most telling item since it indicates that we have chosen an unnatural course, a course which will inevitable lead to our destruction.

Unhappiness or the lack of pleasure in our lives if unchecked will lead to (indeed, has already begun to lead to) disastrous consequences. It is at the bottom of such things as widespread mental disease, destructive changes in our environment, and the breakdown of all interpersonal relations. All of this calls for immediate and global action. Each waking moment should be spent making progress and making contacts with people and supplying the vibrations needed to bring our environment back into equilibrium. This along with our daily work is what is required.

Work keeps our bodies fit and our minds orderly and our souls content. Even the soul is required to work.

Nothing moves by itself; body, mind, and soul act as one or they do not act. The biggest lie of organized religion is just this: they deny the integration, the oneness of body, mind, soul. This has lead to much suffering and death. This reason alone justifies the actions taken by all socialist countries which have put severe restrictions on organized religions, banning them from the domain of education and any interference in the political affairs of the country. Religionists thrive on the suffering of the masses. They have no real solutions for the people. They would put our souls in boxes which pleases the fascist imperialists.

Remember the reservations of Buddha regarding so-called miracles etc. All that we do must be natural. Using powers and developments must be completely natural or they must not be used at all. Situations where powers can be used arise naturally and then and only then are they appropriate. Usually use of powers and developments require courage, trust in nature, and risk rather than restraint. Let this be a guide. Do not go looking for such situations; these if they come will come naturally in time. Remember, seek first the kingdom of God or seek first what your soul calls you to do and all else will be taken care of.

Channeling or cosmic consciousness may flow easily out of us, but remember that whatever comes out of the cosmos must be put to use. If it is not put to use, it will go elsewhere and the source will dry up; responsibility comes with information or nothing comes. We are quickly transformed or blocked depending on how we handle what we receive from the cosmos. To say all this in other words, channeled information or cosmic consciousness must become knowledge, part of our history or experience. This is where work comes in; work cannot be omitted. Test whatever you receive so you can make use of it.

Nothing is something; everything is real or it wouldn't exist. Nothingness exists and is as important as something. Everything is real or there wouldn't be a place/space for it (Lao Zhu and Fischel).

Avoid creating diversions or dead ends or what Fischel calls mirages. These lead to death. Religionists, who thrive when the people are impoverished and downtrodden, are fond of such things. Using these, they poison, imprison, and freeze the life of the people and smother any hope for development. Reactionaries and dogmatists love this because it helps them to control/manage the people. It is a great setback, a great error, to put life in a box like this, but religionists end up doing just this. Make a monument out of this bit of information as Fischel would say. Be cautious of all who would set limits to life.

Such an idea as an “observer” within is reactionary. Life must be active in us; it must be in the “driver's seat” making decisions, building the New World. Anything less than this leads to corruption and death. Our soul is the driver, not a passive rider or observer. We live when we maintain contact with our soul, when it is one with body and mind. Otherwise, there is nothing. Those who would relegate the soul to some observer status—who would put the soul in a box—deceive themselves. Religionists try to do just this with their notions of a “supernatural.” What they really mean is: God is not good enough for them; they wish to improve upon God and make It more agreeable, more suitable. But soul is part of human life and indeed all life. Nothing could exist without a soul. When we attempt to put the soul off in the shadows somewhere, what we are doing is creating our own comfortable little heaven which unfortunately leads to death and recycling.

Questions are always welcome and will be answered provided the information which we receive is used.

Order five copies of Fischel's book (The Handbook of Complete Logic) and place them in strategic places. Offer one to Priya; she being cosmic will profit by Fischel's work.

Do not be afraid of or hesitate to write what comes out of you.

Nature waits for no one. There will be much loss of life. Contradictions cannot continue to mount endlessly without change. Capitalists and communists alike know this—read what they say. Capitalists attempt to strengthen their positions thinking that if they have more power when the crash comes that they will be able to maintain power. But they will find that the people will not bow to them. And so there will be and indeed has already been much loss of life. Stopgap measures are destined to fail; capitalists, however much “power” they muster, can not and will not prevail over the laws of nature. The pressures upon the environment and all species of life and indeed on the earth and the solar system are rapidly approaching a point of no return, a point of catastrophe. This point is definitely coming and it behooves us to make the necessary changes now that will lessen the coming crash and see that whatever comes out of these changes serves development/progress.

What is the nature of the collision course we are on? The situation is critical because ignoring the laws of nature leads to disastrous consequences. The capitalists are polluting not only our environment but our bodies and the bodies of all species of life as well. Capitalists manufacture foods that contain many things that are not completely processable by our bodies. Much of what we eat, even though it looks and tastes good, is in fact disastrous to our health. Such food causes trash to build up inside us and soon our bodies shut down with some disease. Something similar to this is happening to the earth and to the political system of capitalism itself. Start taking action now so before irreparable damage is done. We don't want to wait and then have to ask nature to do what is impossible: to repair what is no longer there or what has become something else. It's possible for the earth to become something other than a home for life forms. It can and will become a barren lifeless planet unless we prevent it. Fortunately the people, the masses , never break but the political system and immoral cultures will and when this does there will be chaos. We need to be prepared to take up the ball and run with it. We need scientific communism or the laws of nature. Begin at once to recycle capitalism. Clean up the degenerate culture which capitalists attempt to peddle across the globe. Stop the capitalists from destroying our lives and our homes. This is sanity and a necessity which we cannot neglect. There are no other solutions, no compromise. The madness of capitalism must stop now or it will destroy us and our planet. As long as we let a small group of people run the production process and do with it whatever they wish, there will be exploitation, pollution, irresponsibility and we will get garbage and trash not only in your environment but in our bodies, our culture and in our lives. We the people must put a stop to this and the laws of nature require that we take the next step which means taking control of the whole production process or setting up a people's republic. When we are able to manage the whole system of production. Then we will have socialism. The people can and will take destiny into their own hands which means taking the system of production out of the hands of the capitalists and by so doing eliminating exploitation of one person by another. Only by doing this can we take responsibility for our own lives and for the planet, its lands, and all life forms on it. We must act now; we must not wait for tomorrow. Postponing this work puts enormous stresses on the whole ecosystem.

Immediately set up sovereign international committees across the planet to deal with the transferal of control over the systems of production from the capitalists to the people. We are now in the construction phase of socialism (Mo Nishida) and the outbreak of such committees is now spontaneously occurring across the globe. People plan and put into effect whatever is necessary. Such things are already happening in Argentina, for example, where people have taken over abandoned factories. The same type of thing is happening in places like Venezuela and Chiapas where the people are taking matters into their own hands, disposing of property relations, and solving problems along communal lines. Such things must be supported and protected in countries where such things are not possible. Communists alert the people to what is happening and organize to stop all attempts by the capitalists to interfere with the right of other peoples to choose their own pathway of development.

For all this work we choose or depend upon a certain quality of persons—persons of development. This is the communist class. Seek out communists. You will find in your homes for they are your children. They are the sincere scientists, the responsible people that will build a New World of abundance and freedom for all the peoples on the planet. They will show us how to transfer the complete control of the production process into the hands of the masses of the people. There is no other choice. Who else can we turn to. Capitalists have shown themselves on countless occasions to be reactionary, against the flow of evolution/development. They have made a mess of things and are at the moment preparing even bigger messes. When you wish to build something you turn to the architect or the carpenter or plumber, etc. If you wish to construct a new society, a new culture, you must turn to communists. These are the new revolutionary class. We must cherish them as we would our children, as the masses cherished Lincoln or Ho Chi Minh. They are among us. We must locate them and put them in our service to help us build a new society and to recycle this old society with its decadent culture. We cannot continue on the same old tracks; doing this is a recipe for disaster and we are indeed at the brink, the verge of such a disaster. Work with communists, the architects for the New World. With them we will make the steps that will free us from the tyranny of capitalism and the exploitation of working people. Such things need to happen to avoid catastrophe. We the people will do these things; we will act in our own interest which is in accord with the laws of nature. Such is called for at this juncture in time.

We can accomplish nothing if we are afraid of labels or cannot overcome the effects of capitalist brainwashing.

Immediately organize and begin the process of transfer of power. Though the capitalists –the fascist imperialists—fight us tooth and nail to the end, remember that in the end they are, as Mao says, paper tigers. That they will resist us, of this there can be no doubt. This is why they are currently engaged in war, a “continuous war” as Bush says. They know that the people are beginning to move to toward socialism or democracy in the workplace, and they want to pounce on the people now while the socialist countries are relatively few in number. This is their real plan. Just take an inventory of the their terrorist hit lists. Socialist countries figure prominently in these. The terrorists have “conveniently” turned into the socialist countries. Take an inventory of capitalist dirty words also and you will find the word “communist” high on their list. There is a reason for this. Communists show that the "emperor wears no clothes;” they expose the bankruptcy, the lie of capitalism which says that we can have democracy without democracy at the heart of society, democracy in the workplace. You'll never hear such things from the capitalist media only anti-communist propaganda and brainwashing. While capitalists continually rip us off, they would have us believe that it is the communists are the cause of all our problems, that they are here to rob us of our freedom and religion and our children etc, etc. What they don't tell us is that communists help us to get the freedom to buy a house, to educate our children, to get the best health care, to enjoy the opportunity to do what we really want to do with our live, to enjoy life and the companionship of our fellow men and women. Capitalists talk about freedom in the abstract because their freedoms have no substance; capitalists, with their corruption and greed for profit, make real freedom next to impossible.

Begin now to build the foundations for a new society, a socialist society where we the people get back all the goods and services that they produce. The people will control the banks, the factories, all the places of production. They will plan what to produce. They will manage the process of production and decide how it will be distributed. Capitalists treat us as sex symbols, mouth pieces for their products and culture. Under socialism we will decide how to treat ourselves. We will not fight their bloody wars for wealth, new markets, and power. We can and will create a better world than this.

The time is ripe for action. The tasks at hand are not as difficult they might seem. Remain open to the “air waves” as Fischel calls them. What we can do is without limit. Beware those who come with limits; they will put us in a box and only take us out when they need us and think while they do these things that they are doing us a favor. Intelligence is responsibility. When you see responsibility, then there is call for respect; otherwise, not.

Do not disregard the human feelings, the feeling of “at-homeyness” with those around us and those on other parts of the globe. Respect and cherish human feelings not the wholesale and indiscriminate slaughter which fascist imperialists promote. Respecting human feelings will in the end add up to revolution. Indeed, the best way to know what must be done is to pay attention to feelings; do this and step by step we will know what must be done. Persevere with what gives you the greatest amount of pleasure. This will reduce strain and bring a higher quality of life for ourselves and others.

Take these steps: contact with Maitreya and the spiritual masters. Do this immediately. And channeling alone is not sufficient; the challenges ahead demand immediate physical contact and involvement with all kinds of people and all kinds of developments. Begin this work immediately. It must be comprehensive and sufficient to meet the demands at this point in time. At this point in time the help of Maitreya and the spiritual masters is required; it must not be omitted. This of course will put a big burden of strain on us since this requires development and changing the way we have been doing things. All this is within our reach , however, if we remain open. Begin locally. All that is needed will come to us. And don't expect to find spiritual masters on thrones or in sanctuaries. These respect the laws of nature and travel the narrow road. These are targeted and persecuted by the masters of the immoral state.

Why can't spiritual masters simply show up when they are required. This is indeed putting the horse before the cart. We must first “find” them, recognize them, and then work with them. These spiritual masters are none other than our children—who else could they be? The first step is to recognize them and then work with them. Omitting this we would be short-circuiting. Scientists see and recognize laws of nature that are in fact simple and all around us. We too are scientists when we recognize and work with the qualities in our children which will enable us to deal with the challenges of building a New World. Omit this and the burdens of time will crush us. In these critical times let us take the steps that will lead us to the New World and our very next steps must be the struggle for people's republics and then for socialism. There is no other way out.