The People (25 Dec 2008)

APPRENTICE SIRAH: Many years ago the people were deeply divided by hate and mistrust The first Sirah knew that unless he could find a way to unite the people the village would destroy itself. So he used the orb fragment as a catalyst to give their fears a physical form.
CHIEF O'BRIAN: So the villager's thoughts create the Dal'Rok?
APPRENTICE SIRAH: But they don't know that. It's a secret which is passed from Sirah to Sirah.
CHIEF O'BRIAN: Why do they need a story teller?
APPRENTICE SIRAH: The story helps to focus the villager's thoughts...
DOCTOR: ...and that enables them to defeat the Dal'Rok by creating a shimmering light.

Deep Space Nine The Story teller Season 01 Episode 14

God emerges from the people ("villagers") who unite under the leadership of responsible leaders ("storytellers") who help them secure their needs, tell them the truth, and bring them common prosperity. With such leaders the majorities around the globe together overcome hatred and fear and create governments, economies, societies that are in the interest of these majorities.

25 Dec 2008