Here are a couple of world news items:
"Thousands of people protesting a Chinese envoy's visit to Taipei clashed with police in Taiwan's capital, injuring at least 150 people." (§ionid=351020406 )
"Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni had earlier rejected negotiation as an option in dealing with Iran, saying any dialogue might "be interpreted as weakness"." (§ionid=351020104 )
The struggle between Taiwan and Beijing and between Iran and Israel are part of the greater global struggle between revolutionary socialism and reactionary capitalism. Socialism is in it's revolutionary/progressive phase of development while capitalism--long past its peak--is in its reactionary phase, and at this time all struggles for state power throughout the globe can truly be understood only from this perspective. Another way of saying the same thing is that one cannot understand what is happening in the world without scientific communism.

The task of communists during the socialist revolution is to guide development/progress in the interests of the majority of the people. Many in Taiwan and indeed on Mainland China are still anti-communist; they resist communist leadership. (Two further examples are the struggle between the palestinian Hamas and Fatah groups and the struggle between the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and the Chavistas.) There is a constant struggle between those who resist development and those who wish to continue developing, and separations begin to take place varying according to each country's history and culture. Revolutionary theory--scientific communism--helps the people chart a course towards "common prosperity," towards the well-being of the majority of the people. These separations (steps away from the old toward the new) are irrevocable and absolute; there is no mixing or fudging. It is 100%; anything less than 100% is not science.

We are in the middle of the socialist revolution which is pervasive and will not go away soon. Indeed, the socialist revolution is part of the even greater struggle, evolution (reports of whose death have been "greatly exaggerated"). And what we are evolving into? As we are related to mineral, plant, and animal life, so will what we evolve into will be related to what we now call humanity. Slavery, feudalism, capitalism, and now socialism are all steps of development in something much greater: the transformation of the human species.