"I don't think it's a credible offer," said the US Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Thursday after the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev advised the United States against going ahead with the move which Washington insists is necessary against 'rogue states like Iran and North Korea'. http://www.presstv.com/detail.aspx?id=75307§ionid=3510203
Regarding the quote above, note that words "rogue" and "credible." Reactionary capitalists are never credible because they themselves are liars and liars will never believe others nor can others believe or trust them. Rogues are those who break away from normal, honest behavior such as the current US administration. The moral of this item is that when dealing with reactionary capitalists--the immoral ruling class--and their politicians nowadays, you can know what they are up to by reckoning that what they say and do publically--to the majority of the populace--is always in reality the exact opposite of their intentions. For example when they which to attack the public school system they call it the "No Child Left Behind" law. When they themselves are rogues, they call the others rogues. When they wish to make war and terrorize others, they call this a War on Terrorism. Of one thing you can be sure, that whereever and whenever the immoral ruling class interferes with what the people want and need--whether it's in the Congo, Somalia,etc. or here in the USA--you can be sure they will increase suffering and killing of the people.