Typing Numbers

Almost all keyboards use the qwerty keyboard layout. (See the "word" "qwerty" on the left side of the row just above the home row. (The home row is the row that has little bumps on the "f" and "j" keys.) Typing with the qwerty keyboard layout it may be difficult to reach the number keys if you are using the touch typing method. The number keys are found on the the second row up from the home row. I suggest not trying to stretch your fingers to reach these number keys but to move both hands up to the number row and to type whatever numbers or shifted items that need to be typed. When you are finished, move your hands back down to the home row. This might take some practice but I think it will improve your accuracy and confidence. Also, if you need to type a shifted item on the number row, say the asterisk, move the right hand up to the number row and leave the left hand on the home row so that it can execute the shift. Just reverse the procedure if you, for example, need to the @ sumbol.