Universe (12 February)

Relax. Unite with us. You speak with , for, and by us.

Look at the savagery of war. Look at the purveyors of war. Look at the fascist bullies. It is obvious who are at fault. But do not get into dead-end hatred for it saps energy, clouds mind, undermines determination. Figuring out what is best for the majority gives you something to work on.

Work according to natural laws: use them to get what you need; understand them to see; rely on them to live.

Universe is what you are; it is not alien or foreign. Understanding yourself you understand Universe and vice versa; both are established on the same laws. Both are natural.

Draw energy from universe. Draw understanding from it. Draw power from it. It is yours and you are its. Do you not feel its bond which is the channel securing us to it that makes us all comrades and friends?

You ask about Egypt. It is a festering sore which will burst soon. This is to be expected because of the unnatural behavior imposed upon it from without, because of interference in Egypt's internal affairs by the CIA and its neofascist allies.