Violence (27 Jan 2009)

"We're still seeing the curve rise. We still haven't reached the peak of violence," Mr Medina Mora said....
But he stressed that Mexico's overall murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 11, compared with 33 in Colombia or 50 in El Salvador."
Mexico drug gang killings surge, BBC, Tuesday, 9 December 2008

"Even (former US president George W.) Bush understood this. The New York Times is right when it says that Bush vetoed an Israeli attack, simply because there is a balance of power in the Middle East between the US and Iran, and it's a fairly even balance of power. I mean not in terms of aircraft tanks or submarines, but in a monopoly of violence, there is equality," said the former top CIA agent,"
(Ex-CIA man: Bombing Iran 'out of question,' Presstv, Mon, 26 Jan 2009)

Violence is the use or threat of terror to gain an objective. It is the bottom line for fascist imperialists (state terrorism) and is used increasingly by them. Organized crime competes with and sometimes cooperates with organized state terrorism; the two (organized crime and organized state terrorism) are cognates.

The solution to the problem of violence/terror is not more of the same. The only solution is in the responsible bettering of the conditions for the majorities around the globe; this must be the objective of states and not destructive wars, blockades, sanctions, and other violence ridden measures. Non-violent countries are those that listen to all sectors of their communities, countries that are people;s democracies and not just bourgeois democracies, countries that insure that the majority of the people determine the direction of development, not just some ruling clique whether it be religious, royal families, multinational corporations, or wealthy ruling classes. Hereditary regimes, organized religion, and reactionary capitalists are now the "greatest purveyors of violence and the greatest threat to peaceful coexistence.

All of this does not preclude self-defence. Make sure that states have a strong defense and that they meet the demands of the majority of the people for full satisfaction of their needs, full accountability for their activities. True democracy demands the right to public referendum to recall corrupt representatives and to decide on controversial issues.